Musical Work

A general update--

On December first, a long-desired harpsichord came into my life. I'd seen
this very instrument in use at a baroque concert I'd been given a grant to
organize. I was enthralled by it, in every sense.

In 2017, I saw that it was for sale. It had been busy, appearing in
concerts throughout New York City as well as Yale, Harvard, the Amherst
Early Music Festival, and elsewhere. I bought it right away.

The instrument is a 1x8 Italian from Bennett Early Keyboards in Rhode
Island. For someone accustomed to large pipe organs, it might seem that
a single choir of strings is a comedown. Nothing could be farther from the
truth. The harpsichord is thoroughly satisfying.

This instrument is a wonderful new chapter in my life, and the
continuation of harpsichord study that I mostly ended when I left Chicago.
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Jonathan B. Hall
Musician and Writer