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Harpsichord Envy

I went on YouTube to comb for performances on Italian harpsichords. I found a performance of Girolamo Diruta’s Toccata di salto cativo nel sesto tuono. The name prepares one to listen for some sort of “bad leap” (salto cativo) involving … Continue reading

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Down Time

School’s out, but there’s much on my plate. This gets to be the heavy season for my Guild work, for one thing. Also, church isn’t out for the summer, and there is much to do there. But there is a … Continue reading

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Organ Anniversary

The following post first appeared on One Traveler on September 22, 2013–the thirty-fifth anniversary of my first “go” as a liturgical organist. It has been very slightly edited. Thirty-five years ago today, September 22, 1978, I played the organ for … Continue reading

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Sweelinck and van Eyck

This piece first appeared on One Traveler on October 10, 2013. Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621) is an old friend. I played one of his pieces— Onder een linde groen —for my master’s recital in Chicago, November 1994. Meanwhile, Ann Harrington … Continue reading

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Taps, Cuts, Rolls, Crans…

Or, my first steps in Irish flute music. Rambling Prologue To play the recorder, one should become familiar with the standard “English” (also confusingly called “baroque” and “modern”) fingering in C and in F. One should get comfortable with soprano … Continue reading

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Recorder Success

I passed the Trinity College London exam with a score of 92 percent, qualifying me for Pass With Distinction. Next year’s repertoire is already under consideration: 1. Handel, Sonata in D Minor, largo-furioso 2. Telemann, Fantasy 3, in D minor … Continue reading

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