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I could write a scholarly piece on this if I tried.  But this morning, listening to Vincent d’Indy’s Souvenirs, op. 62, I find late Romanticism meeting and merging with early cinema, and intuit the great connection.  Perhaps the psychology of … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking–A Reminiscence

Stephen Hawking is dead at 76. I vividly remember his visit to the University of Chicago in 1986.  His lecture, given via a graduate student to a packed Mandel Hall, was titled “Why Time Moves Forward” or something like that. … Continue reading

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There’s an article on the Verge website about a former Facebook executive who expresses deep remorse over what he has helped create.  (No word if he’s donating all of his ill-gotten money, or starting a foundation to fix the damage.) … Continue reading

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Mind Your Thees and Thous

You may possibly have noticed that, even when freely translating something and not simply quoting, I often prefer to use the old pronouns, like “thee” and “thou.” I don’t do this if it’s a colloquial conversation, or in an email, … Continue reading

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Glazunov Break

This morning, I’ve been “powering away” on the Glazunov Saxophone Concerto. It’s a vilely difficult piano part, and I haven’t even had a tithe of the time I really needed to make it come together as my saxophonist deserves. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Classes went very well today, though the classroom was as warm as the place where the Denver Broncos went last night! I’ve spent some time today prepping for Wednesday, but also taking time to revisit Aristotle’s Poetics.  His explanation of … Continue reading

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