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Il Transilvano

I ordered what I thought was a modern edition of Diruta’s classic text, Il Transilvano (The Transylvanian).  This is a book on keyboard performance–organ and harpsichord.  Its “spooky” title describes its picaresque hero, a young Transylvanian rube who comes to … Continue reading

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Listening to Glenn Gould

On the stereo:  the Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould, 1981 version. This version came out when I was in college, and my good friend Doug Dower turned me on to it.  I wore out the cassette tape.  I’m pretty sure we … Continue reading

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Harpsichord Check-in

It’s been a busy time, musically speaking.  The concert given by the Tower Trio last Sunday, in Goshen, NY, was a big success.  The audience responded generously with a free-will offering that will cover some necessary organ work.  Wonderful! The … Continue reading

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Concert on Sunday

This Sunday, the Tower Trio will perform at the First Presbyterian Church in Goshen, New York. Program is at 3 PM and is free, though offerings are gladly received. A simple reception follows. The Tower Trio consists of the founders … Continue reading

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Harpsichord Diary

I’ve taken down all the previous posts under the “harpsichord” rubric. I’m sorry to have done so, but it’s for the best.  The intention was good but in the real world it was not realistic. After all:  to show vulnerability … Continue reading

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Dretzel Update

The Divertimento Armonico of Cornelius Heinrich Dretzel settles into an Italian harpsichord perfectly.  The italophilia of Nuremberg is borne out in this piece, and the bright, clear, affirmative tone of my new harpsichord is serving it well. At the same … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Day.  I came home after a very successful Christmas Eve service at the Presbyterian church, and an intimate and joyful Midnight Mass in the village.  Attendance was down at the latter because of storm warnings, but there was … Continue reading

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