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Prime Dates

Starting tomorrow, we have six all-prime dates left in 2017. After that, the next year that will be a prime number will be 2027. The dates are November 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, and 29. All numbers in the date … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. If you’ve read my book on Calvin Hampton you know how well I remember those parties at Calvary Church many years ago. Happy Halloween. Be safe and have fun.  

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Bread Recipe

French bread rising on counter. Here’s the formula:  . –1 cup, plus a splash, unfiltered New Jersey tap water –1 packet supermarket yeast –2.5 cups, Gold Medal Organic White Flour (adjust amount to preferred texture; I like a slightly slack … Continue reading

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Lost City Part 2

Herewith my last comments on Plants Versus Zombies. The second part of the eighth world of the second edition of this classic franchise (got that?) is out. Id est: Lost City Part Two. I reviewed Part One a few posts … Continue reading

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Lost City Part One: Review

  It’s summer vacation, so I am going to write about something purely fun. (I just finished a major review that’s been hanging over my head, so my light-headed status is easily explained!) This is a quick review of Plants … Continue reading

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