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Of All Things, Atari

I didn’t quite literally come of age in a bubble of Gregorian chant, Bach, and the poetry of Robert Frost. I really, truly, did live in the 1970s and 1980s. When I was in college, the first computerized games appeared … Continue reading

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Labor Day

Happy Labor Day. The official Labor Day barbecue chez Hall was yesterday.  Neighbors and friends old and new converged to have a lovely dinner. From scratch, your humble chef prepared mesquite-smoked ribs and hickory-smoked chicken and sausage.  Much house preparation … Continue reading

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Listening to Glenn Gould

On the stereo:  the Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould, 1981 version. This version came out when I was in college, and my good friend Doug Dower turned me on to it.  I wore out the cassette tape.  I’m pretty sure we … Continue reading

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Facebook and Friendship

As time passes, I become happier with my decision to forsake Facebook.  Today’s news involves deep privacy breaches, about which Zuckerberg apparently lied to Congress. Zuckerberg’s agenda was never to “bring people together.” In any case, experience teaches that a … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Day.  I came home after a very successful Christmas Eve service at the Presbyterian church, and an intimate and joyful Midnight Mass in the village.  Attendance was down at the latter because of storm warnings, but there was … Continue reading

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First Communion

Today, December 16, is the anniversary of my First Communion.  A big anniversary, at that. I don’t know how many people remember the date of their First Communion.  I’ve kept the booklet, and it represents an interesting time in the … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

The turkey is defrosting.  Bags of fresh cranberries await.  So do white potatoes, sweet potatoes, leeks, brussels sprouts, small white onions, and makings of both fresh and pre-made stuffing–I haven’t decided that detail yet.  A half-gallon of pasteurized but non-homogenized … Continue reading

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Saunders Peony

A lovely gift arrived today from Madison, Connecticut:  the root of a Saunders peony. Dr. Saunders of Hamilton College was the most famous cross-breeder of peonies; I read that over 200 varieties are now attributed to him.  This one apparently … Continue reading

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Dad and Me

This picture was taken about a week ago.  A very nice couple–good friends and former neighbors in New Jersey–drove up to celebrate his birthday.  We had a memorable lunch at a local waterfront place that emphasizes German food and culture.  … Continue reading

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