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Turkey Dinner!

Big holiday turkeys are on sale!  Twenty-five pounds for about $12.00.  The big beast came home Saturday, has defrosted and in the oven now. Sometimes the turkey marks the holidays, and sometimes it’s just good economic sense. It’s easy to … Continue reading

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Choir and Handbell Party

The choir and handbell choir met last evening at a delightful house in this county last evening for a post-holiday get-together.  It was a quiet evening, given to good conversation and good food, but nothing to excess. I particularly enjoyed … Continue reading

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Whole allspice (Pimenta dioica) looks like peppercorns, but is an entirely different plant.  When ground, it is a dark reddish-brown.  It is native to the Western Hemisphere and grows at high elevations in tropical climates.  Jamaica produces the best. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Last evening, I played an early Christmas program for the local Bruderhof community.  The group is part of a small religious denomination, with roots in the Hutterite expression of the Anabaptist movement.  They have a number of communities in New … Continue reading

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My Recent Birthday

Isn’t it a shame–it’s not safe to identify your exact birthday online.  What has our society come to? Anyway, my birthday fell on a recent date, during the last “few couples of whiles,” as an elder cousin once said. There … Continue reading

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There were needles of fine frost on Burt, the apothecary’s rose, this morning. So much for “once blooming”!  My fine specimen of Rosa gallica officinalis, the ancient and unmodified Red Rose of Lancaster (and of Martin Luther), has blossomed repeatedly … Continue reading

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The Taco Bowl

Or, Jonathan Goes to Trump Tower. Or, Facts Matter. * I read Vanity Fair‘s mean-spirited 2016 piece about the Trump Grill(e) and its (in)famous Taco Bowl.  To paraphase the author’s quote from Fran Lebowitz, it’s a dumb person’s idea of … Continue reading

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Elias Ashmole

Elias Ashmole, founder of the Ashmolean Museum, mentioned that King Charles I had been served “ice cream” in 1671.  This was in his book on the Order of the Garter, published 1672. So “ice cream” is really the earliest citation.  … Continue reading

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In ordinary speech, when I say “iced tea” it comes out sounding virtually identical to “ice tea.” That’s because of the two consecutive dental consonants, the voiced D followed immediately by the unvoiced T. Mind you, I am thinking of … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichokes

The Jerusalem artichokes on the property are in full (belated) bloom.  I hope for some good, tasty tubers this year. Just a reminder:  the Jerusalem artichoke is native to the eastern United States, and its name is a colorful misnomer.  … Continue reading

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