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Pinhook Bourbon: Good Stuff

What follows is a review of an alcoholic beverage.  Those under 21 should probably read no further, and you should not violate the liquor laws in your state.  Nobody should drink and drive.  Contact Alcoholics Anonymous if you feel you … Continue reading

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Long Island Iced Tea

The drink became popular around 1980.  It was called “Iced Tea,” and usually had to be qualified “you know, from the bar.” Eventually “Long Island Iced Tea” became the disambiguated moniker. I remember when it hit, because a classmate of … Continue reading

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Whiskey Review: Westland

Last fall, for my birthday, I got a bottle of Westland Sherry Wood American Single Malt Whiskey. (Be legal before you click!) I loved it, and before I knew it only two fingers were left in the bottle.  They’ve lasted … Continue reading

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