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Keyboard artist, sacred musician, teacher, writer, working in New York City and State. Many interests include music theory and history, literature, astronomy, genealogy, philosophy and theology, gardening, and good food.

Facebook Does It Again

Here is another disturbing article on the echo-chamber monoculture of social media. Take my advice. Quit today, and stay away. Remember what I’ve said before:  Facebook preserves dead friendships in acrylic, and makes them un-move-on-from-able. No, that’s not actually a … Continue reading

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Upcoming Recital

I’m giving a recital at the Blooming Grove (NY) United Church of Christ on Sunday, November 18, at 4 PM.  Here is an article about the event. I’ll be joined by Bill Powers, saxophonist, for a few pieces. Works will … Continue reading

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Switched-On Bach at Fifty

A pioneer of digital music, once named Walter Carlos, released Switched-On Bach in 1968.  I don’t remember its release, but I do remember it being widely discussed half a dozen years later.  It was a blockbuster; I have read that … Continue reading

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Spooky Time

I love October.  As far back as high school, I identified it as probably my favorite month of the year.  (I say “probably” because every month is a symphony in a different key.) This is the spooky time.  Sunlight is … Continue reading

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The Taco Bowl

Or, Jonathan Goes to Trump Tower. Or, Facts Matter. * I read Vanity Fair‘s mean-spirited 2016 piece about the Trump Grill(e) and its (in)famous Taco Bowl.  To paraphase the author’s quote from Fran Lebowitz, it’s a dumb person’s idea of … Continue reading

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Inspect Element

Is that really all it took? At the end of the day, is that the T-shirt-wearing dropout’s great idea? You can hack a Facebook account with a right click and “inspect element”? The other day I celebrated one year of … Continue reading

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Elias Ashmole

Elias Ashmole, founder of the Ashmolean Museum, mentioned that King Charles I had been served “ice cream” in 1671.  This was in his book on the Order of the Garter, published 1672. So “ice cream” is really the earliest citation.  … Continue reading

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In ordinary speech, when I say “iced tea” it comes out sounding virtually identical to “ice tea.” That’s because of the two consecutive dental consonants, the voiced D followed immediately by the unvoiced T. Mind you, I am thinking of … Continue reading

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Long Island Iced Tea

The drink became popular around 1980.  It was called “Iced Tea,” and usually had to be qualified “you know, from the bar.” Eventually “Long Island Iced Tea” became the disambiguated moniker. I remember when it hit, because a classmate of … Continue reading

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Organist Anniversary

Today, September 22, is a big anniversary day for me. If you read my May post on my Bulova watch, you know it was a “big” high school graduation anniversary. Today, as a freshman in college, exactly 21 days into … Continue reading

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