Turkey Dinner!

Big holiday turkeys are on sale!  Twenty-five pounds for about $12.00.  The big beast came home Saturday, has defrosted and in the oven now.

Sometimes the turkey marks the holidays, and sometimes it’s just good economic sense.

It’s easy to cook a turkey.  Don’t be scared by its size.

Take the paper out of the cavity–it contains the giblets, which you may cook with or toss–put bird in a foil-lined pan, sprinkle it liberally with seasonings of your choice, and cover with foil.

Heat oven to 375 Fahrenheit, then put turkey in.  Depending on the size, it should stay in for three to five hours, or even more.  For the last hour, take off the foil and let the skin get crispy.  For 25 lbs, at least 5 hrs. 30 min, I think.

I seasoned the skin with pepper, Sazón Completa, paprika, sage, rosemary, and cinnamon!  The neck was still stuck in the body cavity…no matter…I was in no mood to coax it out with hot water. I set the timer for three hours, after which I’ll remove the neck.  Another hour or so under wraps, and then an hour exposed.  It should come out well.

Normally, I throw a lemon or apple or both, or other goodies, into the cavity.  Today, I felt it just wasn’t worth the extra trouble.  Let the neck stay there…doesn’t make a huge difference.

I found some cranberry sauce in the cupboard and will come up with other dishes…there’s a cauliflower in the fridge, not to mention salad makings…there’s butternut squash too.

After the leftovers are done, I’ll make soup–probably turkey dumpling soup.  Love those dumplings.  I don’t know where they were all my life.

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