I’m snowed in today–more precisely, iced in. Church is canceled and freezing rain expected. I hope for a break in the clouds late tonight for the lunar eclipse.

While the skies are expected to clear before totality, the temperature will be hovering either side of zero degrees Fahrenheit, with sub-zero windchill.  I will be careful!

The best thing to do is wait to make sure the precipitation has stopped, and then try to uncover the Celestron mount on the patio.  Then set up the scope so it can acclimatize and get cold with the air around it, gradually.

We’re supposed to drop about fifty degrees today, which is astonishing, but if it’s not extremely sudden the scope should accommodate.

Times are about 9:36 to 2:48 from start to finish, maximum totality about 12:12 AM.

Knowing the weather up here, we’re probably in for a no-show.  Still, one can hope.

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