The Stalker Returns

I had trouble focusing last evening.  Work that I’d hoped to do before bed became impossible.

What happened is that a stalker re-emerged from the swamp known as the internet.

I was terrified, afraid for my career, afraid for my reputation, afraid for my very existence.

As was the case last time, it took two tries to stop him (after the first request he characteristically escalated).

The last time around–when the same stalker inflicted nearly fatal damage to my career–there was no #MeToo, and James David Christie still had a life.  Things change, don’t they.  Für Christie und auch für seinen Kreis.

In the meantime–while I wait to see if creepy clown appears again–here are resources if you are handling a pathological narcissist, abuser, flying monkey, gaslighter, or other crazy shit-person.

Visit these links at your own risk, and do not regard this post as professional advice–it is not.  I’m not that kind of doctor.  Use your own judgement and proceed at your own risk.

I, Psychopath.  Documentary on the life of Sam Vaknin, who runs a large narcissism website.  He claims to be a narcissist; this documentary says otherwise.  I found it fascinating.  Learn the term “social predator.”

In the Mind of a Stalker.  Article in Psychology Today magazine.

James David Christie’s Downfall.

That’s it for now.

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