Pinhook Bourbon: Good Stuff

What follows is a review of an alcoholic beverage.  Those under 21 should probably read no further, and you should not violate the liquor laws in your state.  Nobody should drink and drive.  Contact Alcoholics Anonymous if you feel you are developing a problem.

As promised, here is a quick review of Pinhook Bourbon, the current fall 2018 batch in honor of Bourbon County, a young thoroughbred.

Some of the superficial “vibe” I get from this bourbon is on the verge of off-putting.    There’s an aspirational note to it, such as the information on the horse printed on the label, including sex and height in hands.  (For alcohol, you measure in fingers.)

The website offers a detailed analysis of the grains used in the distilling.  These are 75% corn, 20-something% rye, and the balance malted barley.  The whiskey is presented in a wine bottle.  It weighs in at 95 proof.

I’ve seen all of these omens before, so I have to admit I was prepared for an expensive mediocrity, rather like a Long Island wine from the 1980s.

I was wrong.

Pinhook “Bourbon County” whiskey is delicious, and I am happy to recommend it.

The nose is bourbony, as is the first warm and bright taste.  It reads like a bourbon.  However, it does not have the cloying, overly sweet palate of some premium bourbons.  I attribute this to the cooling, neutralizing effect of the rye, though of course I could be wrong.  A very subtle scotchy note–a distant echo, really–further tones down the sweetness.  The result is an authentic bourbon taste without a heavy, treacly effect.

I was more afraid of the opposite, really.  I’ve sampled too many grandly-presented artisanal bourbons that just burn like alcohol, or that have the neutral effect of a mediocre rye.  Rather than paying the high prices these command, I’ll take a fifth of cheap stuff any day.  Yessir, what’ll it be?  –Shot of Old Desperation and a beer, please.

I could characterize this bourbon as light, fruity, floral, or in another subjective way.  The alcohol content is high, but the medium-light bourbon flavor is what prevails.  I like it with a single ice cube.  The bottle was a gift, but some discreet research assures me that the price point is reasonable, hovering at about forty dollars.

Reminder:  Don’t drink if you’re underage, and don’t drink and drive, ever.

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