The full moon just set, and this house’s long shadow faded into the darkness of woods and lingering snow.

It is 6 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Venus is blazing at a white-hot magnitude -4.something.  I’m sorry I don’t have my telescope set up–and that I have no energy to rush the job in near-zero cold.  Venus is supposed to be a lovely crescent right now.  I’ve seen that before at evening.  What I have rarely seen is the Morning Star so absolutely diamondlike.

Arcturus is rising up, and is noticeably red.  As it has for millennia, the sweep of the Big Dipper’s handle points to it.  Leo is still visible, as are Castor and Pollux;  Cancer had no chance against a brilliant full moon.

Signing off in order to have another look.

Happy Second Day of Thanksgiving!  (Why not?)

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Keyboard artist, sacred musician, teacher, writer, working in New York City and State. Many interests include music theory and history, literature, astronomy, genealogy, philosophy and theology, gardening, and good food. Cat lover, too.
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