Halloween Part One

Why waste the early morning of Halloween?

Last evening, the Milky Way was brighter than I’ve seen it in years.  (My all-time Milky Way sighting was over Tuxis Island in Madison, Connecticut back in the 1970s.  Light pollution has probably destroyed that possibility.)

Early this morning, the waning moon (in Gemini) didn’t obscure a wonderful view of Canis Major.  Lynx and Leo Minor were surprisingly clear as well.  Why not, thought I, celebrate Halloween in the spooky morning as well as the evening?

So I have a fire going, and Frankenstein on the DVD player.  The pumpkin got carved last night–a rather cavalier jack-o-lantern with sunglasses and a huge grin!–and I toasted the seeds this morning.  Not to depart from hallowed tradition, but I toasted them in a skillet rather than the oven.

Then, to scare myself, I practiced some of the hairier measures of the Franck Chorale in E Major, a forest of double accidentals and unplayable stretches in both hands.

I was short on coffee yesterday so am curing a mild caffeine headache with a strong mug of Seattle’s Best.  (It’s hard to find bad coffee nowadays.)  A nice treat!

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