Halloween 18

That’s me, yesterday, before welcoming my public for another Halloween festivity at church!

I’ve done this for years.  The Halloween party I started in Montclair in 2010 is still, as far as I know, a community fixture.  It certainly was at one point.  That was my whole idea.

Behind it, of course, is Calvin Hampton, my sweet memories of whom have already turned 50.

Yesterday was voted a big success, and members of the congregation stepped up to create a really memorable party.

There’s already talk of a major expansion next year.  It’s great to be part of a thriving congregation!

I played some Halloween favorites that I’ve used in the past, and also presented some new music that I haven’t done before…it was all very well received.

I got that hideous mask at a local drugstore shortly before the event, and paired it with a black elder’s robe for maximum effect.  I was going to dig out my old blue wig and funny glasses, but I thought–no.  That is what was.  I belong to what is!  Time for a change.

But enough about the old, tired, and passé.

Halloween is folk Christianity, a scandal to the neo-pagans and absurdity to the modernists.  Trick’s on you.

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