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Halloween Part Two

It’s been a typical Halloween…unseasonably warm…a small turnout at the vigil Mass for All Saints.  We sang “Ye watchers and Ye Holy Ones,”  verses 1 and 2 at the start and 3 and 4 at the end.  Also “For All … Continue reading

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Halloween Part One

Why waste the early morning of Halloween? Last evening, the Milky Way was brighter than I’ve seen it in years.  (My all-time Milky Way sighting was over Tuxis Island in Madison, Connecticut back in the 1970s.  Light pollution has probably … Continue reading

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Halloween 18

That’s me, yesterday, before welcoming my public for another Halloween festivity at church! I’ve done this for years.  The Halloween party I started in Montclair in 2010 is still, as far as I know, a community fixture.  It certainly was … Continue reading

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The Villager

Live and learn, and learn and learn. I grew up less than a mile from the historic northern boundary of Greenwich Village.  In college I occasionally read bits of The Village Voice.  Till very recently, I’d never heard of The … Continue reading

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Remembering Dad, 35 Years Later

I’m just like my old man. It was hurled at me as a despicable insult for years and years.  Despite that, I’ve learned that it’s really true, and I embrace it.  Belatedly, but sincerely.  When I finally learned how to … Continue reading

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Facebook Does It Again

Here is another disturbing article on the echo-chamber monoculture of social media. Take my advice. Quit today, and stay away. Remember what I’ve said before:  Facebook preserves dead friendships in acrylic, and makes them un-move-on-from-able. No, that’s not actually a … Continue reading

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Upcoming Recital

I’m giving a recital at the Blooming Grove (NY) United Church of Christ on Sunday, November 18, at 4 PM.  Here is an article about the event. I’ll be joined by Bill Powers, saxophonist, for a few pieces. Works will … Continue reading

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Switched-On Bach at Fifty

A pioneer of digital music, once named Walter Carlos, released Switched-On Bach in 1968.  I don’t remember its release, but I do remember it being widely discussed half a dozen years later.  It was a blockbuster; I have read that … Continue reading

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Spooky Time

I love October.  As far back as high school, I identified it as probably my favorite month of the year.  (I say “probably” because every month is a symphony in a different key.) This is the spooky time.  Sunlight is … Continue reading

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The Taco Bowl

Or, Jonathan Goes to Trump Tower. Or, Facts Matter. * I read Vanity Fair‘s mean-spirited 2016 piece about the Trump Grill(e) and its (in)famous Taco Bowl.  To paraphase the author’s quote from Fran Lebowitz, it’s a dumb person’s idea of … Continue reading

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