Wesley Shuts Himself Up

Wesley Crusher–I mean Wil Wheaton–is deeply hurt that he had to quit Twitter for its failure to exclude someone he found hateful, and has since been run off of Mastodon for being a “hater” himself.  (They’ve since “complied,” so we’ll see if he comes back.)

I suggest that he has learned a difficult, and terribly belated, lesson.  Namely:  that Wil Wheaton isn’t necessarily immensely important.  Also:  as ye sow, so shall ye reap.  Also:  you know a man by the company he keeps.  Also:  he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.  Also:  don’t be a bully.

He’s really probably just having a midlife crisis.  About time.

Is it so bad that people remember you for two scenes–pulling a leech out of your underpants and being told to shut up by a starship captain?

Actually, no, it’s not that bad at all.  Certainly not if you are a mediocre actor.  In fact, it’s pretty good, considering the alternative of being remembered for zero.

It’s risky to stay onstage after you’ve played your part.  George Takei has, and has alienated countless former fans.  He, however, has the advantage of having been in the real Star Trek.  He also handled his character with panache–The Naked Time best of all.  Wheaton has nothing like that.

(UPDATE, 9/8/18:  Last night’s Star Trek TNG episode was “Mirror, Mirror,” and I must say that one is probably Sulu’s best turn:  as a slow-burning sadist with addict’s eyes, a huge facial scar, and unbounded lust for Uhura.)

So, Wil:  Chin up.  You’re 46 and have finally seen through social media.  Give it up and do something productive.  And do shut up for a while.

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