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I’m smoking a rack of ribs for dinner.  I’ve gotten good at ribs.  I marinated them in cider vinegar and rubbed a dry “Kansas City” rub on them, then put them in the Weber kettle over a pie tin full … Continue reading

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Mars After All

Last evening Slooh had a program on the Mars opposition–when the Sun, earth, and Mars were in syzygy  (a straight line, with earth in the middle).  Further, Mars was at perihelion and earth nearly at aphelion.  (Counterintuitively for Northern Hemisphere … Continue reading

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First Mars, Now Aquarius

So tomorrow is the total lunar eclipse and Mars at opposition.  Two gorgeous red bodies in the sky at once.  Mind you, the northeastern United States won’t see the eclipse, but I’m hopeful thanks to Slooh, a community of stargazers … Continue reading

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Just as Mars approaches its historic perihelion,  what happens?  Days and days of cloudy weather. Typical. The old joke is that the surest way to bring rain is to buy a new telescope. The lawn is happy–no longer the brown … Continue reading

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Certification Breakfast

Yesterday, I found time to edit the “vignettes”  I made of the Kansas City convention.  The result was another short video of a certification event.  Have a look! In Houston, two years ago, we had a cocktail party to honor … Continue reading

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Wearing a Tie to Church

Can you believe I get flak over wearing a jacket and tie to church on Sunday? And I’m the organist! Give me a break.  Of course I’m going to wear a jacket and tie to church on Sunday.  I would … Continue reading

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The last two moonless nights have been perfect for Mars-watching. Yesterday morning at 3 AM, the red planet was a huge dollop of peach ice cream in the southern sky.  This morning I got up at 2 AM to view … Continue reading

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Kansas City

I’ve just gotten back from Kansas City, Missouri. The occasion:  the 2018 biennial national convention of the American Guild of Organists. It was a wonderful convention. Highlights are numerous, but include Todd Wilson’s recital at the Community of Christ (Reformed … Continue reading

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