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Corporate Stalkers

I got a postcard the other day.  It came to my own mailbox, with my name and address on it.  It was from a company that wanted to sell me T-shirts with my last name on them, and with an … Continue reading

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My Wonderful Committee

Just back from two days in the city working with the Committee on Professional Certification, which I’ve chaired for three years now.  The current makeup of the committee is wonderful–a mix of talents and perspectives that blends together into a … Continue reading

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The Stars Last Night

Make that two nights ago…I’m losing track… Anyway, Lyra was up early, while the sky was still aglow with  solstitial sunset. I resolved Epsilon Lyrae, the famous double-double, as well as Sheliak and the nearby Ring Nebula. Vega is dazzlingly … Continue reading

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Why I Love the Country

This is why. Just now, for the first time in my life, I was approached by a pair of yearling deer.  They were as gentle as could be… big soft eyes with pretty eyelashes… lovely ears… curious and polite… quite … Continue reading

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It’s a Cheetah

This is the single best article on “giftedness” that I’ve ever read. Have a great day!

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Mars etc.

I was up before 2:30 this morning to have a look at Mars, which is drawing ever nearer.  This July marks its closest approach since the spectacular event of 2003. The red planet was hiding behind dense foliage, so I … Continue reading

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Facebook and Friendship

As time passes, I become happier with my decision to forsake Facebook.  Today’s news involves deep privacy breaches, about which Zuckerberg apparently lied to Congress. Zuckerberg’s agenda was never to “bring people together.” In any case, experience teaches that a … Continue reading

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