Fifth Day of Christmas

Happy five golden rings.

It got down to nearly zero Fahrenheit last night.  This morning, the hot-water heater sent voluminous puffs of steam out the chimney.  The day started cloudy but the sun is coming through.  I’m home, cleaning the basement and office and making banana chutney.

These are homey days–there’s plenty to do, but little if any need to travel.  I taught a new organ student yesterday, and had a great time doing that.  But otherwise, I’m a homebody right now.

Above all, I’ve enjoyed stargazing.  I’ve had great views of Mars and Jupiter, split Castor quite well, revisited the clusters in Auriga, admired Almaak–plenty of basic targets like that.  Above all, I’ve been closely observing the terminator line of the waxing moon.  Lunar motion has been a deferred challenge for me, and this is a great chance to work on it.

Big sales at the supermarket: a 13 lb. turkey for under seven dollars.  Roasting a turkey on the spur of the moment is a little like flying to Heathrow on the spur of the moment; daunting but a lot of fun once you start.  The neighbor got a prime rib for about four bucks.

The harpsichord is being kept at a steady temperature and humidity.  I’m taking a little break from music-making.  Today, the mailman is supposed to bring my tiny jeweler’s pliers and “headlamp” style magnifier, so I can extract a stubborn broken quill stump and requill high F.  I think the instrument is coming up on requilling.

My love of harpsichord is of long standing, and I’ve had fine teachers and solid experience.  What I haven’t done, till now, is own one, with its attendant pleasures and responsibilities.  It’s sheer joy to be able to play a harpsichord any time I want; it’s a responsibility to tune it and keep it up.  So far, it agrees with me very well.

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