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Fifth Day of Christmas

Happy five golden rings. It got down to nearly zero Fahrenheit last night.  This morning, the hot-water heater sent voluminous puffs of steam out the chimney.  The day started cloudy but the sun is coming through.  I’m home, cleaning the … Continue reading

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First Day of Christmas

I received an email from an online merchant I’ve worked with.  Today, they say, is the Twelfth Day of Christmas. I’m glad they’re good at horticulture, because their theology needs work. Today is the First Day of Christmas.  The Twelfth … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Day.  I came home after a very successful Christmas Eve service at the Presbyterian church, and an intimate and joyful Midnight Mass in the village.  Attendance was down at the latter because of storm warnings, but there was … Continue reading

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Jupiter was up and brilliant in the pre-dawn sky.  Three of the Galilean moons visible.  The planet was very bright indeed but I could still resolve the main equatorial bands. I’d been up since the wee hours with the telescope.  … Continue reading

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First Communion

Today, December 16, is the anniversary of my First Communion.  A big anniversary, at that. I don’t know how many people remember the date of their First Communion.  I’ve kept the booklet, and it represents an interesting time in the … Continue reading

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About that “Big Box”

OK, I admit I’m behind the curve.  I’m usually behind the curve. There is a huge selection of Big Box collections on Amazon.  Most priced at 99 cents. There is a critique of the Bach cantatas box pointing out that … Continue reading

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There’s an article on the Verge website about a former Facebook executive who expresses deep remorse over what he has helped create.  (No word if he’s donating all of his ill-gotten money, or starting a foundation to fix the damage.) … Continue reading

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