Turkey Soup

I can’t understand why we never made stock from the remains of the Thanksgiving turkey.  It seems so wasteful in hindsight.  I broke down the mighty beast the other day and boiled it with onion, celery, and a wilted head of romaine lettuce to make a fine stock.  Today, the final result is ready to enjoy.

Boiling down a carcass for stock will yield about a pound of meat that would have been wasted otherwise.

Once the stock was finished, strained, and skimmed (the fat will become gravy), I added onion, fresh celery, and carrots, plus the pound-plus of meat.

Take a tip: romaine lettuce adds wonderful flavor to a stock.  Just cut off the dirty part at the base and rinse well, and then chop it coarsely and throw it in.

Also: the pale leafy tops of the celery, found in the middle, are beautiful in the finished soup when added whole.  (Don’t confuse stock and soup!)

Some years ago I was given a number of new-old-stock Revere Ware pots and pans– still in the box, all American made.  I have ever since loved the look of them, still shiny and like new, cooking away at once on my stovetop.

Anyway.  Thanksgiving no. 3 in this beautiful place.

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