Unfriending Facebook

marcusI’m done.  I spent years wasting time on Facebook, and I’m done.  I’m deactivating my accounts a little later today, and then, barring heavenly intervention, deleting for good after I’ve had a few days to evaluate.

I’m rarely impulsive.  This has been cooking for a while.  Even now, as I’m nearly certain it’s what I want to do, I’m letting it percolate.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was another asshole (a friend of a friend) who thinks that grandstanding about last year’s presidential election can possibly change anything, and that showing respect even for the office of the presidency is a moral impossibility.

These people who are so morally astute–their poor consciences–what junk food they must be getting fed on. Somehow I suspect that their “morality” is just the opinions they have garnered from their favorite movies and songs, with the word KONSHUNZ scrawled across the box.

I’m also empathetic by nature.  And I have been increasingly pained, even agitated, not just about the campaign, election, and immediate aftermath, but about the sustained frenzy that’s prevailed ever since.  It’s not healthy, it is highly counterproductive, and I’m done with it.  It has become impossible to avoid this cherished, unending meltdown on Facebook, so I’m removing it by amputation.

This country is feeling like an alcoholic family right now.  A plotzed, Cluster-B mother screaming “don’t you dare vote for THAT MAN!” and a brusque, wealthy dad saying “Nasty woman” and “lock her up.”

The “culture code” of her campaign was “DIVORCE.” And she learned how America really feels about it.

Message to all: please do respect the president, if only for the sake of the office. People who loathed his predecessor managed the feat; so can you, despite your purity.

And to Zach and Zuck: fuck you both.

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