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RIP Boo, 2001-2014

Boo died this morning. The tuxedo cat was about thirteen years old. Boo was born in Brooklyn in 2001, was rescued on a cold and miserable night, and came to live with my mother in 2002– after Miss Chutney was … Continue reading

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Just Published

Several reviews in the new issue of The American Organist (August 2014). A book on Bach by Russell Stinson, titled J. S. Bach at His Royal Instrument; the new Breitkopf edition of Bach; and a new organ composition by Calvin … Continue reading

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What do you do when confronted with dishonesty? It’s a common situation, and no one is immune, so the question can’t be asked in absolute innocence…by definition! But what do you do? Today, I learned that a colleague is falsely … Continue reading

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Johann Speth

This obscure composer, and organist of the Cathedral of Augsburg, has been on my mind lately. Johann Speth lived from 1664 to about 1719; there is no record of his death, but all mention of him abruptly ceases in that … Continue reading

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Dear Diary

…what a day it’s been! I’ve spent most of it at church, while eating at odd times and getting in a lot of work on our upcoming Vacation Bible School. Practiced a while, till the heat made it impossible: Widor … Continue reading

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Don’t even ask. I’m disgusted and done. Ingratitude is one of life’s commonest varieties of weed. I expect it; I encounter it regularly. But this is the worst, most toxic strain I’ve ever known. Pray for me, and for someone … Continue reading

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Ploch-floeten und so weiter

What’s a Ploch-flöt? Well, what’s a biffaro? A pardunen? A Bazuin? They all represent the close relationship of the letters B and P. B and P are in fact the same sound, in their voiced and unvoiced versions.  P equals … Continue reading

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Bach and Dretzel: About Influence

This piece first appeared on my public Facebook page (/JBHorganist), on July 1, 2014. It has been slightly edited. There’s a problem with the many sites online who all say, copy-and-pastewise, that Dretzel’s Divertimento Armonico is “influenced” by Bach’s Italian Concerto. Let … Continue reading

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