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Memorial Day 1970

Memories. Memorial Day, 1970: according to an online calendar, it was Saturday, May 30. I can’t validate that by my personal memories, but I suppose in 1970 the “long weekend” idea hadn’t trumped all other values in setting these dates. … Continue reading

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Recorder Success

I passed the Trinity College London exam with a score of 92 percent, qualifying me for Pass With Distinction. Next year’s repertoire is already under consideration: 1. Handel, Sonata in D Minor, largo-furioso 2. Telemann, Fantasy 3, in D minor … Continue reading

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Tunnel 1, Light 0

Final exams were yesterday. They must be graded by tomorrow. Recorder examination on Friday. While practicing arpeggios last evening, I had a sudden desire to throw my lovely boxwood recorders into the Passaic River and forget all about music. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Glazunov Break

This morning, I’ve been “powering away” on the Glazunov Saxophone Concerto. It’s a vilely difficult piano part, and I haven’t even had a tithe of the time I really needed to make it come together as my saxophonist deserves. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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First Android Post

This is the first post to this blog made via the Android platform. I’m using a Lenovo Yoga HD tablet….a modest machine but effective. In particular, cost-effective. That’s all the news, really. The semester has been a good one! though … Continue reading

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